Understanding key issues in digital design and adoption

Insights that matter

Digital services are only as good as the benefits they deliver. User-centred design has been at the cornerstone of digital transformation, but so often it can leave users feeling as though their views are forgotten or ignored.

Traditional methods of user-engagement are great at gathering a wealth of data, but true engagement can be costly and time consuming. The expert teams at Healthwave have many years of experience in using innovative approaches and a range of appropriate tools to overcome these challenges.

The right research approach

No-one would argue that engaging users when designing digital solutions is a waste of time. But there’s a difference between deep and surface engagement. The Healthwave approach ensures that clients can get to the heart of the issues:

  • Discovering and engaging with the respondents
  • Motivating them to share their views
  • Controlling for common biases and other research design problems
  • Isolating barriers and opportunities

Rapid results with impact

Agile approaches to digital design need an equally flexible, iterative approach to research. Our researchers recognise this and are adept at getting to the heart of the issues rapidly. We are specialists in co-design of digital healthcare and are comfortable integrating with diverse digital teams working under pressure.

Community engagement and co-design reduces project risk

  • Access real evidence from the user community perspective
  • Co-design is the best route to digital adoption
  • Reduce project risks through meaningful collaboration with user communities
  • Increase speed of return on investment and other project benefits

Features and benefits

  • Identify participants with minimal bias

  • Undertake rapid, deep dive conversations to surface real world insights from people’s lived experiences

  • Find influencers within our communities

  • Track sentiment and themes using respected behaviour change models

  • Discover recurring themes and draw considerations

  • Rapidly demonstrate the benefits of service interventions / ROI


Avoiding common pitfalls of digital adoption

Roll out or adoption

History is littered with stories of even the best technological solutions failing to ignite the interest of users. Even the most elegantly co-created digital solutions are not immune to this risk. Adoption is about users welcoming an innovation into their lives, something that many digital roll-out plans forget.

Healthwave’s integrated approach to insight and action ensures we are a valued partner in mitigating these risks.

Features and benefits

  • Our research into adoption barriers and opportunities uniquely positions us to plan the right approach to adoption

  • Our approach to authentic community engagement means we can reach the right people

  • We build trusted relationships with those who are most influential in communities

  • We advocate the benefits of digital adoption