In Partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions

Designing resources for people as they approach midlife and older

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly has one of the highest proportions of older workers in the UK and the demographic is growing, especially now there is greater move towards remote working due to the pandemic. Change in the workplace is also being driven by technology and automation and changing patterns of employment. This coupled with the impact of Covid on this sector of the working population, has enabled us to trial different approaches to engage employers and individuals and support them to make some changes, seek advice and guidance.

There is a distinct need to help individuals with their concerns about health, career prospects and their financial situation, as they approach mid-life and older. The Department for Work and Pensions commissioned Cornwall Local Enterprise Partnership to help gather insights and design resources for people as they approach midlife. The challenge was providing resources that were useful and ensuring that they were accessible to people not necessarily familiar with using service online.

Having engaged with a range of stakeholders and prospective users, we developed user friendly tools and resources that were easy to access, clearly stated what was on offer and how to access it both locally and nationally. This was complimented by specific webinars and Q&A sessions with expert leads from National Careers Service and Money and Pensions Services.

The Midlife MOT was developed to consolidate a range of resources around work, skills and health. The webpage was designed in a way that resources could be shared by people working in health and social care, with those not necessarily familiar with online tools, along with links to surveys to gather ongoing feedback.

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