Rapid, robust research to support decision making

Supporting investment decisions for a new a product or service

An urgent investment was required to support the development of a niche treatment that would help people better tolerate chemotherapy during cancer treatment. A full literature review and executive summary was produced using our network of post doctoral researchers within 2 weeks, assisting the client to make an investment decision.

Clients are often under pressure to make decisions that are risky in terms of new investment in a product or service, or they need to support existing investments which are under performing. Accessing quick and efficient research, targeted correctly is challenging, especially when the client is not familiar with how to construct a rapid hypothesis and study design which provides data to answer the challenge.

Healthwave was commissioned to scope the brief, rapidly design an approach that led to a full literature search providing clear data to inform an executive summary to the investor. This led to the investor being able to de risk a spending decision and the whole process was completed in less than a month, end to end.