A little bit about us

Why a research movement?

We describe ourselves as a movement for three reasons:

  1. Movements have a common goal.

    Ours is crystal clear: we want everyone to have access to digital health solutions and innovations that make their lives better.

  2. Movements collaborate.

    Collaboration is in our DNA; we want to work with like-minded people who share our values.

  3. Movement implies action.

    We care about insights that generate outcomes quickly - it’s the thing our clients value most.

With 20 years of front line NHS service, 50 years of tech development and digital transformation experience plus a network of highly respected researchers poised and ready for action, we can handle the most complex of assignments.

We are innovators in modern community engagement, using accessible insights to enable rapid action.

Healthwave was born in the Public Sector and brings vast industry experience. We’re a team of clinicians, technology specialists and researchers with decades of front line and public sector management expertise. The benefit is credibility, lived experience and a sensitivity to system needs.

We’ve developed flexible systems and processes giving us the ability to scale, communicate technical complexity and deliver our work remotely.

We combine research with action. Our insight data leads to action without delay and we can rapidly assess the impact of interventions and iterate. A constant feed of citizen engagement combined with action provides a continuous cycle of improvement.

Our approaches are locally specific. We’re sensitive to demographics and local nuances. Regions have similarities and differences, so whilst we share best practice we don’t assume that one size fits all.