Digital inclusion in Health

Healthwave’s mission is to support equality of access to digital healthcare to all members of our communities.

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives in the past year, few greater than the adoption of digital access to services like shopping, work and healthcare.

Our clients recognise that equality of access to these services is paramount and we have designed innovative solutions to help them achieve this goal.

Our expert teams understand the causes of digital exclusion and are great at getting to the heart of specific barriers community by community. Let us help you design a strategy for ensuring equality of digital access in the communities you serve.

The evidence is clear that access to digital services has a range of health, societal and economic benefits – that’s why it’s a priority in the NHS Long Term Plan. Our work in Cornwall is typical of our approach, where we have had a significant impact in helping people access a world that was previously beyond their reach.

Our flexible approach means we can provide a report of the key digital inclusion issues in your community rapidly. We can make recommendations that deliver swift benefits that can lead to meaningful ongoing dialogue with communities.

Our approach helps you

  1. Understand the digital inclusion landscape in the communities you serve
  2. Get to the heart of the root causes of exclusion
  3. Highlight those members of the community most affected
  4. Design a programme of ongoing research and community engagement

* The NHS Long Term Plan commits that every patient will have the right to be offered digital-first primary care by 2023-24. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the digital-first strategy increasing relevant as healthcare moved rapidly to remote delivery through online platforms and increasing use of telephone services. Consequently, certain patient groups became vulnerable to inequity of access to NHS services, endangering the principles of universal, equitable access to care.

Healthwave gathers and evaluates real-world insights to surface the factors that influence behaviour change in relation to remote access to healthcare in populations, some of which being vulnerable.

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Healthwave provides a range of support when it comes to strategy and action around digital inclusion. For communities with a high likelihood of digital inclusion, we can help you discover ways to implement digital solutions quickly and effectively. Where communities have a higher risk of digital exclusion, we can highlight the recurring themes around the barriers to progress and make recommendations on impactful change ideas.

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This tool was created using national-level data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and information modelled from research papers on digital healthcare exclusion. Experiments and modelling exercises determine the different factors that contribute to exclusion from digital health services. Equally, the contribution or weight of each of these factors, such as age, income, and education level, can also be determined in statistical modelling. We know that digital inclusion is affected most by these three issues. Data sources are updated using current statistical information as it becomes publicly available to ensure accuracy down to postcode level.